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June 29, 2011:
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What are critics saying about Transformers: Dark of the Moon?

Film expected to be July 4 weekend blockbuster.

Reviews for Dark of the Moon are decidedly mixed among the top critics. Roger Ebert, who inexplicably gave 3.5 stars to Cars 2, gives a single star to Transformers 3. Currently at Rotten Tomatoes, the critics are more negative than positive (47 Fresh, 74 Rotten), while 90% of the audience somehow liked the film. This could either be an indication that critics are totally out of touch with audiences, or that the filmgoing public has dumbed down considerably, or both.

Elizabeth Weitzman (NY Daily News) 1 Star out of 5

Drew McWeeny (HitFix) B+

Josh Tyler (CinemaBlend) 3 Out Of 5 Star

Many critics are giving praise to the new Transformers film, entitled Dark of the Moon, given that it compares far more favorably to the previous film in the series. With cameos by Buzz Aldrin and Leonard Nimoy, and a story that weaves in the Cold War (not unlike X-Men:First Class) there is something for everyone, as well as the usual blend of robot violence and explosions. The critics also note the expanding maturity of Shia LeBouf's character compared to his younger incarnations in the same role. For the type of movie that it is, Transformers: Dark of the Moon is generally popular among film critics, who obviously mean nothing when it comes to selling movie tickest, since the Best Picture nominees usually won't have the same combined gross receipts as any one of the top 5 moneymakers of the year.

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Special note: If you like robot movies in 3D, just go and see it. You will probably be in enough of an altered state to enjoy anything anyway.