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September 27, 2013:
Now there is a sequel without Lebouf, but it still has robots, so it will be big. Dark of the Moon DVD hits store shelves. Buy it on BluRay or Standard DVD. (What, no 8mm silent version?)


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Details on the latest Transformers Film as well as the older ones

Latest Film in Franchise Connects Legend Developed in Original Animated Series and Film

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon is the third installment in the wildly popular Michel Bay series.

Though many people associate the Transformers movie franchise with the Michael Bay Trilogy, the first Transformers movie (entitled Transformers The Movie) was made during the 1980s with an all star cast including Orson Welles in his last film role, Leonard Nimoy as Galvatron (who was the remade Megatron) and Robert Stack of Unsolved Mysteries fame. The film itself was a revolution in animation and storyline, since many of the popular Transformers such as Star Scream and Optimus Prime had an untimely end. A whole new line of characters was introduced, the Autobots took back Cybertron, and a planet-eating robot was defeated. Because the movie came after a couple seasons of the series, the subsequent series episodes were based on the film’s aftermath with a new mix of characters including the Quintessons who had created the transformers in the first place.

Moving along to the new Transformers live action films, the first film was a great success starring Shia LaBeuf and Megan Fox as well as a solid cast of characters. The second film, “Revenge of the Fallen” is not nearly as popular considering the accusations of racism in the ice cream truck characters, and the slow motion “jiggle” shots of Ms. Fox. Some of this was explained as being due to filming in proximity to a writers’ strike that did not allow for proper story development. The third film in the series, “Dark of the Moon” closes some gaps in the storyline with more insight into past discoveries of Transformers and the real reason behind the cold war space race. Rosie Huntington-Whitely steps into the shoes (but not the role) of the dismissed Megan Fox, who allegedly was fired for comparing Mr. Bay to Hitler, and the Executive Producer Steven Spielberg took offense at this, given his predilection for making films about people who suffered under the dictator’s rule.

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Special note: This information was written in advance of the film's release date.